Quotes about Real Estate that Every Realtor Should Know


Real estate business is very challenging for anyone participating. Being at the top in real estate requires one to be determined and gain wisdom from previous participants. Read ahead to get quotes about real estate from famous people.

The first quote we are going to look into is a quote from Suze Orman, “Owning a home is a keystone of wealth..both financial affluence and emotional security”. Suze Orman is a well known financial guru. This quote mostly sides the psychological part of a home owner to home ownership aspects. A good realtor will be able to connect with their clients keeping in mind the psychological aspect of home ownership. Therefore they should get a client into buying homes but keep in mind their psychological side.

The next quote you should know is from Dori Warner, “I am basically a fulltime psychologist who shows houses now and then”. This quote from Dori Warner has a lot to be understood from it. It is crucial for realtors to make sure they understand their clients wants and how they view certain perspectives on the property. Thereby stating that as much as a realtors work is great they still face challenges from client to client. Hence a realtors job is not only find property for the client but to ensure they understand what the client wants and deliver it. Be sure to learn here!

Another quote we get to look at is from Harriet Martineau, “There have been few things in my life which have had a more genial effect on my mind than the possession of a piece of land”. Harriet Martineau is the first woman sociologist ever. From his quote she meant that home ownership is a milestone for many people and one has to fully understand it if they want to get it right. One can hence understand that for any investment you have to be fully aware of what is at stake. Realtors should make sure their clients understand all these aspects in home ownership.

The last quote to look into is from Louis Glickman, “The best investment on earth is earth.” The all time billionaire philanthropist Louis Glickman passed this famous quote. The message in this quote is how important realtors are in linking real estate parties and why it is a sound decision for anyone to invest in real estate. Thereby we can take that realtors are a big deal in real estate markets and making an investment in real estate is the best move one can make. Hence, the need for one to invest wisely in real estate property. Therefore realtors are responsible for bringing out the value of real estate to their clients and ensuring they appreciate it. Start now!


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